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BETTERY is an Italian Innovative Startup founded in January 2018. Our vision is that a change of paradigm in energy storage and distribution for a new, sustainable circular energy economy is necessary and we have the solutions. We aim at bringing green liquid battery into the market, with the highest specific energy and safety associated with the lowest cost and recharge time ever reported. Our battery can also be recharged by substituting the liquid, in a time similar to refilling a vehicle tank with gasoline. The anode is based on lithium metal and the cathode is an O2-rich flowable electrode.


BETTERY transforms highly innovative research into highly profitable business, responding positively to the current global sustainability challenges.


BETTERY project was originally born in the Laboratory of Electrochemistry of Energy Materials (LEME) at the University of Bologna’s Department of Chemistry (Giacomo Ciamician), where research on materials and devices for energy (lithium batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors) has been carried out through national and international collaborations for more than thirty years.


The BETTERY’s founders Francesca Soavi, PhD, Assistant Professor and Francesca De Giorgio, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow started a collaboration in 2009 with the pioneering Master’s thesis of Dr De Giorgio, under the tutoring of Prof. Mastragostino and co-tutoring of Dr Soavi, about the operational electrochemical basic processes of lithium/air batteries. This first work represented the foundations of NESSOX ‘s (NEw Semi-Solid flow lithium OXygen battery) technology, now ready to be at the core of the BETTERY business project.


Eight years’ research carried at the Laboratory of Electrochemistry of Energy Materials at the University of Bologna’s Department of Chemistry (Giacomo Ciamician), which is a world-renowned research center on materials and devices for energy, underpins the development of the longest-lasting and lightest redox flow battery ever reported in scientific literature. This is called NESSOX (NEw Semi-Solid flow lithium OXygen battery).

NESSOX presents the following advantages compared to other battery chemistry already on the market or under development: higher-energy density, lower and faster recharge, safety and environmental sustainability due to the absence of critical elements and heavy metals, and high thermal stability of the electrolyte. NESSOX technology combines in one system the lightness of the lithium/air batteries and the flexibility and modularity of the redox flow batteries, becoming the future reference battery technology for many vertical markets. For example, Nessox technology will ensure that EVs driving range could reach more than 600 km under normal use and be recharged very fast by filling-up with “charged” liquid.

Energy density

200% > Best performing Li-ion batteries on the market

NESSOX has a specific energy of 500 Wh kg-1, 2 times higher than the best currently available commercial batteries (laboratory proven). This result is achieved by the use of light elements such as lithium and oxygen.

Speed of recharge

Minutes vs Hour

NESSOX reduces charging times with no overheating. The charging of NESSOX is very energy-efficient, because it can be done by filling-up, requiring the same time as it does to refill a car tank with gasoline.  The NESSOX liquid can be recharged anywhere with very efficient charging strategy from the grid.


Less than 150 $/kWh
30% less than Li-ion batteries

NESSOX battery lowers the costs of energy storage and production of electricity from renewable sources. NESSOX also allows the storage of energy from intermittent and non-programmable sources, supplying the energy to the grid and utilities in a controlled and efficient way.


Carbon footprint reduced by 20% kg CO2eq, heavy-metals free, low impact manufacturing

Avoiding heavy metals and costly electrode processing procedures used in conventional lithium batteries, NESSOX battery also represents a green solution for energy storage.




Cofounder and Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Electrochemistry of Materials for Energetics, Department of Chemistry (University of Bologna).

De Giorgio


Cofounder, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Chemistry (University of Bologna).



Cofounder, Business developer.


President and Legal Representative

Cofounder and President, Prototype designer and system engineer for the scaling-up and test of new prototypes.



Vice-President, Prototype designer and Modeling, PhD Student at the University of Bologna.

NESSOX brings to a radical paradigm shift:
it stores energy in a controlled way from renewable sources and becomes a charging point, a liquid dispenser to refill an electric vehicle powered by NESSOX.




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